The Different Applications of CCTV Systems

by valsyste Nov 18, 2021

The Different Applications of CCTV Systems

The use of CCTV systems in Singapore is widespread, both in the public and private sectors. Traditional manual labour such as security guards are rendered to be outdated and less effective as compared to having a CCTV system with advanced security features. This state-of-the-art technology allows for recording in remote locations and captures high quality videos to identify suspicious individuals, making it optimal for monitoring inside and outside of businesses and offices.   

As a result, many organisations are turning to CCTV systems to increase operational capacity, extend security reach, and decrease costs. With the range and variety of different CCTV styles, features and designs, finding a suitable CCTV system in Singapore, regardless of application has become a rather easy and effortless endeavour. From monitoring traffic and weather to deterring theft and vandalism, CCTV system applications are bountiful, practical and useful.

CCTV Systems in Residential areas

CCTV camera in Residential Areas

Beyond the use of security systems in organisations and businesses, CCTV systems are increasingly popular in residential areas as well. Adding a CCTV system to your property can increase its security significantly and ensure the safety of your family. Blind spots that have poor visibility from windows are the best places to install your CCTV systems and get the most use out of them. In this way, you can easily check the perimeter or corridors of your property without having to leave home for increased safety and greater peace of mind. 

For homes without peep holes, CCTV systems can be used instead to identify unexpected or late night visitors, without having to open the door. This is particularly useful, safer and more convenient for vulnerable individuals including the elderly. Though CCTV systems are useful in the event of a crime, they can also help to prevent such misconducts in the first place. Offenders are less likely to commit offences at properties with security systems with the understanding that they can easily be identified and brought to justice. Maximise your CCTV system by advertising its presence to keep your belongings secure and enhance the safety of you and family members.

CCTV Systems in School

CCTV camera inside the Classroom

No doubt, the most apparent reason to have a CCTV system in school is to reduce criminal activities during school closures. Schools tend to be a target for trespassers due to the facilities available and also because they are oftentimes equipped with high-tech and expensive equipment such as computers, laptops, tools, and furniture. Installing a CCTV system around all entry points will deter unwarranted visitors and identify any individuals who are entering during school closures. Take note that thefts can occur from staff and students too, therefore, installing CCTV systems not just at entrances but within the school compounds is highly recommended.  

Apart from improving security, having CCTV systems in schools can also improve behaviour of both students and teachers. Bullying among students are more preventable with security systems in place as management can easily identify bullies and take action. This is especially useful if the victims are hesitant or afraid to report bullying incidents. Vandalism, a common occurrence can also be avoided as students are more wary of being caught. Most importantly, appropriate conduct between teachers and students is better maintained when it is made known that all actions are being monitored and recorded.

CCTV Systems in Retail

CCTV camera in a Store

The retail industry is extremely susceptible to crimes involving theft and shoplifting, with over 200 million incidents occurring each year. While external shoplifting is a cause for concern in retail, internal circumstances are much harder to manage and more likely to see a consistent recurrence. CCTV systems can help capture visual and audio evidence of any employees who may be in the act of stealing from your business. Moreover, transactions including sale corrections, cancellations, a withdrawal of money or altering personal information are monitored. 

Providing customers with an enjoyable shopping experience plays a crucial role in the success of retail businesses. Surveillance of employees through security systems will ensure that quality service is being delivered. 

There is no denying the myriad of applications CCTV systems offer. Not only do they boost security, they also aid in the improvement of individuals’ behaviours.

Valsys Technologies products and solutions are set to help businesses operate more efficiently and securely. With a range of security systems in Singapore including CCTV systems, contact us today for more information. 

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The Different Applications of CCTV Systems

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