Door Access Control Solution

Door Access control system can be design in many type of system architecture. The most common system architecture is Standalone System and Active Network System.

It also can have multiplier type of identification mode such as RFID Card Identification, Password Identification, Biometric Identification and etc. The common RFID Card for Access Control have EM Proximity Card, Mifare Card and HID card. The biometric identification have more higher security if compare with RFID card, biometric identification for common use in access control solution is fingerprint identification. But recently launch the new technology for biometric is facial identification, Is a very popular system.

T1102 Card Access System

Door Access System You Can Trust

Having a door access system in your office and workplace is an important part of your security measures. With an office door access system, you will have an added degree of security knowing that the only individuals that can access your premises are those who you have authorized. This access control system can protect not only your company assets and confidential files but also your employees. More than protecting your premises from unauthorized persons and possible intruders, you are also protecting your employees from accidentally getting in an off-limits area that may cause them harm. Should you have any questions or concerns about the door and card access system in Singapore? Talk to us today!

Keep Your Property Protected With Access Control System

We are living in a difficult and dangerous time nowadays. Burglary and tresspasses are being commited around us even at this very moment. Can your security system keep up? Is your property secure and well protected? If you can’t say a straight ‘yes’ to these questions, it’s time to assess your property’s security. Whether it is your home or office, having an access control system in Singapore can give you a good reassurance that your property’s point of entry only allows authorised people to access. Valsys Technology offers a wide range of reliable and trusted access control systems for homes and workplaces. Protect your assets and the people you love with our proven solutions today.

Standalone Access Control System

Is a simple design which is direct connect the door controller, reader, electromagnetic lock, door button and emergency break-glass.

Is suitable for small office or home office which is only need to control one or two door.

Standalone Door Access Control System by RFID Card(EM, MiFare, HID and etc) Identification

Figure 1.  Standalone Door Access Control System by RFID Card(EM, MiFare, HID and etc) Identification

Standalone Door Access Control System by Biometric (Face/Fingerprint/Palm) Identification

Figure 2.  Standalone Door Access Control System by Biometric (Face/Fingerprint/Palm) Identification

Figure 2.1  Network Connected Door Access Control System by Fingerprint Identification

Active Access Control System

Active Network Access Control System provide the solution for powerful combinations of door access control and alarm monitoring within off-line networks.

The System is now capable to handle multi door in single controller.

Figure 3.  Active Network Multi Door Access Control System

WEB-Based Enable Active Network Multi Door Controller

The WEB-Based enable active network multi door controller allowing us to control or manage the access control via internet browser. It support the major internet browser Internet Explore, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

Figure 4.  WEB-BASED Active Network Multi Door Access Control System

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