Hikvision Video Surveillance Solution for

Small and Medium Enterprise

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Hikvision, the global leader of video surveillance products and solutions, manufactures a wide range of top-quality, reliable, and professional solutions. Our solutions are designed to fit any size, configuration, location or budget that a customer might request. Case in point is the introduction of our new HiWatch video surveillance solutions specifically designed for small-to-medium-sized enterprises. With notable features, such as ease of use, maintenance simplicity, and in-time upgrading; the HiWatch solution includes a complete and affordable product line ranging from the conventional analog system to cutting-edge IP video management. Additionally, HiWatch is extremely flexible and can be combined to create optimized high-quality systems to match your specific needs.

Analog Solutions

Say Goodbye to Low Resolution

As of now, analog systems are still the mainstream for small-to-medium-sized applications. However, the primary obstacle of utilizing conventional analog systems is that high-resolution video is not readily available. As such, Hikvision’s HiWatch analog solution now allows users an advanced surveillance answer to realize higher resolution.

Hikvision’s DIS cameras comprise the main component of the HiWatch analog solution. Incorporating SOC technology and DSP technology, the DIS cameras boast advanced features in terms of image quality, power consumption, and overall system stability. The DIS cameras can support up-to 600TVL horizontal resolution, thereby providing improved video quality and minute image detail. Multiple compact camera-body types (domes, box cameras, integrated IR domes, and bullet cameras) provide additional options for indoor and outdoor surveillance.


IP Solutions

Hassle-free HD IP Surveillance

IP has now become widely accepted by installers, integrators, and end-users due to its high image quality. However, the biggest hurdle facing greater IP adoption over existing analog are the dual requirements of IT knowledge and the higher costs associated with upfront installation and maintenance. This is especially true for small-to-medium-sized business owners. Fortunately, these issues need not concern end-users of the Hikvision HiWatch IP solution. This solution allows customers the ability to acquire an affordable HD surveillance system and skip the usual nagging concerns, with a vast choice of full-featured megapixel cameras and a high-quality plug & play NVR.

Hikvision’s HiWatch IP cameras are all PoE equipped, while the plug & play NVRs support up-to 8 independent PoE network interfaces and IP address auto-allocation. Through the simple act of plugging a cable into a network interface, the front-end cameras’ IP address is automatically configured to transmit a live view and store video. This significantly reduces both time and expertise – simplifying the overall installation process and helping business owners eliminate unwanted complexity for a virtually hassle-free IP network. Moreover, in terms of ease of use, system stability, and decoding capability, Hikvision’s plug & play embedded NVRs enable users to experience superior performance compared to that of PC-based NVRs.

Hikvision also pays great attention to product compatibility. This is to say, all HiWatch IP devices conform to ONVIF & PSIA for smooth interconnectivity between different network devices.

Hybrid Solutions

Bridging Analog and IP Worlds

Even though analog systems offer all-around monitoring for SMB applications; for some scenarios (such as cashier and stock houses), business owners may require crystal-clear image detail to provide a more secure environment. Hikvision’s HiWatch hybrid solution satisfies both sides of the equation: providing high-definition surveillance with an existing analog system!

The HiWatch hybrid solution accommodates DS-7604HI-S hybrid DVRs, 1.3MP IP cameras, 600TVL analog cameras, and BNC transmitters. Incorporated with Hikvision hybrid DVRs, users can easily add new HD network cameras or analog cameras to realize both HD and IP-based surveillance. Fortunately for end-users, both system operation and management is as easy as a DVR. The DS-7604HI-S hybrid DVR can access up-to 5 Megapixel resolutions (2560×1920), while IP cameras in the HiWatch series provide a 1.3 Megapixel resolution IP-video stream.

In addition, our HiWatch hybrid solution also offers Hikvision’s latest BNC transmitter, which allows IP-video stream transmission over coax cables. This not only takes advantage of the original resources, but also greatly saves on the installation cost of new network cabling. The DS-1H05 series BNC transmitter supports 1080P HD IP-signal transmission from a distance of up-to 500 meters.

Remote Video Control

Easy-to-use Applications for Your Business

Apart from video capturing and storage, a centralized video management platform is also needed for owners to better operate and manage their business. As the “brain” of the HiWatch solution, Hikvision offers complimentary iVMS-4200 and iVMS-4500 software to its customers. This software enhances our easy-to-use security solutions through superior device/channel access capability and multi-professional remote video management functions.


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