4 Benefits of Using Access Control Systems

by valsyste Nov 18, 2021

With the rise of digitalisation and the rapid technological advancements in our world today, it is no surprise that technology is being maximised in many aspects, from our personal to working lives. One of the more prominent ways in which technology is being used, lies in creating safer and more secure environments. For instance, many offices have evolved from using traditional keys to access control systems instead. In fact, the access control market is expected to reach USD 11.7 billion by 2026!  Access control systems authenticate and authorise individuals to access the information they have been granted access to and helps to verify that users are who they claim to be.

No doubt, the key purpose of installing access control systems in Singapore revolve around secure physical access to buildings. However, there are many benefits that come together with achieving this goal. 

Benefit 1: Eliminating the Hassle of Keys

Access Control Eliminates Hassle of Keys

Not only are keys a rather outdated way of allowing access into buildings, there are certain disadvantages that come with traditional locks and keys. For one, individual keys are required to restrict access to specific areas. With larger buildings come the need for more locks and thus, more keys as well. Having a bulky key ring creates confusion with regards to the different keys and their usages. Secondly, compared to control access systems, traditional keys can be easily duplicated, which compromises on security. If an employee loses or fails to return their key before leaving the company, businesses are stuck with the expense of making new keys and possibly even changing the locks just to maintain security standards.

An access control system eliminates these challenges and inconveniences. Businesses can simply take an employee’s access card out of the system and issue a new one when necessary. This empowers efficiency and saves visits from the locksmith. In addition, having an access control system positions a company in a progressive light and reflects the organisation’s ability to remain relevant with the times.

Benefit 2: Easy Management of Employee Movement and Improved Security

Female Employee Using Access Control

Every entry and exit of each individual is logged by an access control system. It makes it possible for businesses to track who comes and goes and at what time they arrive and depart. This important data serves as a valuable asset to businesses in the event of theft or an accident. Moreover, as employees are well aware that these access control systems can monitor their access movement, the likelihood of planned thefts decreases. 

Beyond keeping track of employee access points, access control systems also aid in preventing unauthorised personnel from slipping in and out of office buildings. This is especially helpful when a company has many employees, making it challenging for everyone to identify an employee from a non-employee. As control access systems require the necessary credentials before unlocking, only employees can gain access, hence, improving security and giving business owners a greater peace of mind.

Benefit 3: Greater Cost Efficiency 

Money spent on locks and security personnel can be saved with the use of access control systems, as they can verify individuals without the need for a security guard. There are several third-party applications and solutions that can be integrated with most digital access control solutions – some of which can save energy and cost at the facility. For example, lighting, heating, and cooling systems can be integrated with access control systems. Employees can activate the lights in a room and turn them off when they leave or adjust temperatures when no one is in an area to save on energy costs. By improving the accuracy of on-site facility management in this way, energy costs can be reduced.

Benefit 4: Increased Employee Productivity

Though many are unaware, access control systems do play a role in influencing employee productivity. Firstly, as mentioned above, access timings can be tracked with access control systems. This means employers are able to better keep tabs on employee punctuality and time away from the office. In this sense, employees are more motivated to arrive at work on time or even earlier and are more cautious of taking unwarranted breaks to leave a good impression. 

In cases where employees from multinational companies are required to visit several working sites, a good access control system comes in handy. Without one, they may be faced with several challenges that waste time and make it more difficult to have a mobile, productive workforce. This includes waiting time to be signed in as a visitor. Access control systems, especially those that combine multiple functions onto one access card and is standardised across sites and countries, eliminate this inconvenience.

Ultimately, there is no denying the benefits that come with access control systems. In this day and age, where digitalisation reigns, they are a must-have in every business organisation. 

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