What are the Different Types of Door Access Systems

by valsyste Feb 15, 2022

lock and key office door system in Singapore

Gone are the days of traditional locks and keys and in their place instead are digital door access systems. This is especially prevalent when it comes to offices in Singapore. As office assets and employee information are highly valuable, having state-of-the-art security to protect these possessions is essential. Office owners are realising the importance of security access and deem it a worthwhile investment to get door access systems for their office. From biometric to keypad readers, there are many different types of door access systems in Singapore one can choose from. As such, finding one that is suitable for your workplace yet addresses your needs can be quite the challenge. In this article, we look at each door access system type to help you make a more well-informed decision. 

Biometric Door Access Systems     

biometric office door access system in singapore

Biometric door access systems maximise sophisticated technology to identify users by unique physical features. These features can include iris patterns, facial recognition or even fingerprints, very much similar to how some of us gain access to our smartphones. After encoding these patterns, they are compared with the existing database to create a set of data points. When the system finds a match, the door automatically opens, recognising the person trying to enter. 

Among the variety of door access system options, leveraging biometrics is perhaps the most convenient. Employees need not worry about forgetting pin numbers or misplacing their key cards. In addition, some advanced biometric door access systems can even be integrated with fire alarms and surveillance camera for enhanced monitoring of activity and added security.

Keypad Door Access Systems

keypad office door system in Singapore

As its name suggests, the keypad door access system requires users to key in a pre-set pin or passcode to gain access. Once the correct code is entered, the lock releases. A battery or a small electrical current may be required to unlock certain mechanisms. After several incorrect attempts to enter the code, some keypad locks will keep the door locked for a predetermined period of time (usually 10 to 15 minutes).

While keypad door access systems are generally convenient, it requires users to remember the number combination. Furthermore, it is recommended that this code be reset every so often for enhanced security purposes. Unlike the biometric door access system, it is slightly less secure in the sense that it is easy for users to share passcodes with one another. 

Card Access Systems   

card access system office in singapore

Key card access systems can come in the form of using a card, ID badge or any other type of electronic key. When a card credential is identified and authorised by the card access system, a signal is sent to the magnetic door lock to unlock it via push-bar, lever or lockset. Like the keypad door access system, the card access system can also automatically return to its locked position a while after someone enters.

The two most common key cards are the swipe key card and the proximity key card. The swipe key card has a magnetic strip that contains the credential data. By simply swiping this magnetic strip against the door slot, access is gained. Though swipe key cards are a viable option, it is important to note that can result in daily wear and tear, which means frequent maintenance and servicing. 

On the other hand, the proximity key card transmits data stored within it using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). You can choose different frequency ranges for your RFID enabled key cards or key fobs, based on your needs and security needs. Typically, in order for data to be transmitted with proximity cards and RFID key fobs, the card must be very close to the reader.

With the plethora of office door access systems available, selecting the right one can be difficult. A useful guide would be to keep your needs in mind. For instance, if budget is not an issue and you prefer maximum security and convenience, then a biometric door access system is ideal. Should you prefer something more affordable and don’t mind the hassle of maintenance or password resets, then go for the keypad or card access system. Ultimately, all these different door access systems provide unrivalled security for every office.

At Valsys Technologies, we offer a range of quality office door access systems in Singapore, including the ones mentioned above. Up your office security game and contact us today for more information!  

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