IP Cameras VS CCTV Cameras: What’s the Difference?

by valsyste Apr 28, 2022

IP Cameras VS CCTV Camera Difference

Security cameras have become indispensable tools. From residential to commercial purposes, almost every building has a security camera installed. Apart from being able to identify criminals in the act of a crime, security cameras are a great deterrent technique. Research shows that about 60% of convicted burglars will choose another target if they find alarms or security cameras in the area. Today however, with greater technological advancements, there are a myriad of security cameras and choosing a suitable one can be quite the challenge. Some of the most popular options are CCTV systems and IP cameras. As such, this article will explore each of them to help you make a more well-informed purchasing decision.

What is a CCTV System and what is an IP Camera

Before delving into the specifics of each security camera, it is important to first understand what they are. CCTV systems are analogue and are therefore not hooked up to any network. Nonetheless, they can be connected to a digital video recorder (DVR), which can record analogues video sources on site or capture video from a digital source. On the other hand, an IP camera can be considered a digital step up from CCTV systems in Singapore with better image quality resolution and overall digital capabilities. They can be wired to the Internet 24/7, generating images from digital data without a continuous stream of analogue video being broadcasted.


Compared to CCTV systems, IP cameras offer greater flexibility in terms of placement and remote viewing functionalities. CCTV systems work best when the cameras are strategically placed and close monitoring of video footage is observed. Camera footage is transmitted via monitors and video recorders. With DVR, videos are stored digitally over private coaxial or wireless networks. In contrast, rather than using a DVR, IP cameras leverage a network video recorder (NVR) to store digital content. NVRs include software programmes that record videos into a digital format to mass storage devices such as USBs and memory cards. Furthermore, they can be used with CCTV systems as hidden cameras to make up for any potential blind spots in the area. 

Video Quality 

IP Cameras in Singapore Video Quality

When using security systems to identify the appearance of a criminal, it can all come down to the video quality. This is where frame rate comes into a play. While modern CCTV systems have decent frame rates, an IP camera enables 4K resolution with the ability to capture action. In instances where you are required to capture movement more, security cameras that offer higher frame rates are ideal to avoid encountering motion blur. A low frame rate makes it difficult to identify faces in the footage even when it is played back slowly or even paused. In addition, IP cameras also enable wider angles to capture more of the area.


As opposed to IP cameras, they offer better expansion in two ways – the ability to accommodate more cameras to a network and a more ‘expanded’ view of the environment as mentioned above. First, we take a look at the scalability of multiple cameras. As CCTV systems require a direct connection to DVRs, expansion can be costly. In fact, multiple DVRs may be needed should you wish to have more cameras as each DVR can only accommodate a maximum of 32 cameras. IP cameras in Singapore are not bound by such limitations, allowing you to have as many cameras as you wish connected to the network. All that is required is additional storage space. Secondly, IP cameras capture a much wider field of vision than analogue cameras can. With an IP camera, you can frame an area you want to view and the lens system you select determines the broadness of area you can monitor.  

Though IP cameras may seem like the better choice, it all boils down to your needs and preferences. If all you require is a security camera that can monitor specific areas, then a CCTV system provides adequacy in meeting that expectation cost-effectively. But, if you require something more digitally advanced that offers a much higher level of technology and security, then the IP camera may be of choice. Just remember to take your purpose and goals into consideration to find the most suitable solution for you! 

At Valsys Technologies, we provide a range of both state-of-the-art CCTV systems and IP cameras in Singapore tailored to your needs. Contact us today for more information!  

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